What are the Best Sugar ETF’s?

If you’re like most commodity based investors you’ve either invested in or thought about investing in sugar. Since the best way to do this is deploying capital into ETF’s that have a heavy sugar portfolio or are exclusively focused on sugar. But what are the best ETF’s for sugar that you should be looking at? […]

Should I Invest in Coal?

Coal stocks have surged this year – along with the wider energy sector – but experts warn these are likely short-term gains for an industry facing a bleak future as regulators, activists and global governments seek to cut use of fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. KEY FACTS Coal stocks are benefitting from the […]

Oil & Gas Trends to Watch

oil and gas industry trends

With 2021 being a much different year than the last we took a look at the state of things and an outlook for trends in the Oil & Gas Industry. Infrastructure While being one of the larger parts of the petroleum industry, Infrastructure has been somewhat underserved for quite some time. This has been changing […]

A Look At Investing in Corn

There are a number of reasons why investing in corn could be a good fit for your portfolio. Let’s look at just a few of those current benefits. Global Growth in Corn World, economies are still growing rapidly. The best example of this, of course, is China’s economy. With more than a billion hungry people, […]

Is Wool A Good Investment?

One highly invested commodity is Wool. Its uses are vast and can prove to be an extremely solid investment to add into your portfolio. But ultimately the question remains… “Is Wool A Good Investment?”. If we can first define what a good investment is then we can best answer the question. And honestly that depends […]

Why Traditional Commodities are Better Than Cryptocurrency

One question we are getting often is… “Should I be investing in cryptocurrency instead of commodities?”. This is a really good question and one we are going to answer for you here in this article. First, let’s clear something up, cryptocurrencies are currently treated as commodities due to the fact that if they were listed […]

Should I Invest in Sugar?

Sugar continues to have its ups and downs, and investors are hoping to get in on that next “up cycle” especially like the one that occurred between mid 2015 and mid 2016. Sugar prices nearly doubled during that time There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of sugar, but a big […]

The State of Coffee as an Investment

The National Coffee Association (NCA) had a study conducted to measure how coffee contributes to the U.S economy. The final report resulted in the first comprehensive study of the impact of coffee on the U.S. economy.  And the results speak for themselves. Total economic impact of the coffee industry in the US in 2015 was […]

Should I Invest in Copper or Silver?

Both Copper and Silver have pros and cons when it comes to investing, but if you are looking to make a choice on one of them, which one should you choose? Here we explore a little on both of these metals. Is Copper a Good Investment? A little history on Copper. It was one of […]

Why Wheat is Positioned to Grow in 2021

Wheat has consistently been one of the most important food crops globally since the beginning of time. Today it ranks as the second most consumed grain in the world, being beaten only by  rice in annual consumption. The great thing about wheat is that farmers can easily grow it in a number of different climates, […]