What Do Russia and Pigs Have to Do With Soy Investment Opportunities?

The US recently participated in the International Pig Conference in Moscow with the goal of increasing visibility and tightening relationships with the Russian swine market due to the popularity of soy used for animal feed diets. The event was held digitally and not in person this year with over 850 attendees from 60 different regions […]

The February Freeze and Its Effect on Investments in Power

Power, Gas and Petroleum prices rallied this month after the extremely cold temperatures caused blackouts across the state of Texas. These outages negatively affected utility customers & oil refineries and gas prices reached heights not seen in a very long time. The outages caused some refineries to shut down operations or reduce slightly. There was […]

How to Partner With the Right Commodities Investment Firm

Why Do I Need a Firm to Invest in Commodities? You technically don’t need a firm to invest but the complexities of the investment landscape and the volatility that can come from global factors are nearly impossible for a person to keep track of and/or make sense of. Here we’ll explore reasons why you should […]

These Are the Best Commodities to Invest In for Mid 2021

What are the Best Commodities to Invest In Mid 2021? Past volatility in the market has decreased in recent weeks, driven by the completion of the US presidential election,the settling of things China and the progress in vaccinations globally. The Bloomberg Commodity Index return has increased but, within a larger trend, crude oil has risen […]